Rainforest & Nature Sounds Vol. 2

Rainforest & Nature Sounds Vol. 2
Healing Power of Water

Rainforest & Nature Sounds vol. 2 Healing Power of Water music album cover

Rainforest & Nature Sounds, Vol. 2: 50 Healing Power of Water (Rain, River, Ocean, and Sea) Music for Sleep and Relaxation, Free Your Mind & Relax Better, Deep Waves Meditation album combines tracks with elements of rain, river, ocean sounds, which are tremendous for our ears. Listening to this kind of music can boost our mood, implement harmony and positive thinking.

Life in a hurry, excess work, insufficient sleep cause stress and fatigue. It is unhealthy for our body so it is worth to remember that natural sounds have healing and relaxing properties and can stimulate the imagination. Listening to this soothing music can make you feel stronger and full of new energy which is important not only in a daily life but also on your spiritual path.

The special album includes 50 powerful and harmonious songs and you can get it
on Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify:

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Welcome to the site of Calming Water Consort. Begin your exploration of the world of our music. No sound can relax us as well as the sound of water. Listen to the music of Calming Water Consort and focus on the sounds of waves breaking on a shore, rain pelting down the ground or river happily flowing among the pebbles and stones.

Relaxation is who we are…

And this is where Calming Water Consort music can be found online:

Ultimate Relaxing Ocean Waves

ultimate relaxing ocean

Ultimate Relaxing Ocean Waves

Hi! Today we would like to show you our another relaxing album. It consists of 2 hours of great, calming sounds. Find some free time and the place where you can chill out. Put your headphones on and listen to relaxing music!
You can find this album online:

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Where the Music meets the Ocean

where the music meets the ocean cover photo

Where the Music Meets the Ocean – Relaxing Deep Sleep Waves


Today’s compilation consists of 30 tracks with nature sounds. You can find there songs named as: Lucid Dreaming Sleep Track, Calming Seas – Nature Relaxation, Tranquility: Meditation Sleep, Healing Insomnia – Sleep Relaxation, Harmonious Sleep Music, Background for Meditation, Relaxing Natural Lullaby, Yoga for Bedtime, Relax Mind Body and others! We hope that you will enjoy that album!


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Chill, Study & Relaxation

Calming Ocean’s Collection:
Chill, Study & Relaxation

calming's collection music album

Hello 2018! This year will be better that previous! We present fresh album for You:

Calming Ocean’s Collection: Chill, Study & Relaxation

it contains 30 soothing tracks which will help you to feel more relaxed and peacefull.

You can find this album online on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play and Spotify:

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Happy New Year 2018

Let’s give a warm welcome to the year that starts a new, cherish each moment that the year shall behold, so let’s come together and celebrate a blissful start to the New Year.
Happy New Year.


Piano Lullabies

30 Ocean Piano Lullabies

Ocean Piano Lullabies 30 music cover album

Calming Water Consort & Baby Sleep Lullaby Academy present an album

Ocean Piano Lullabies: 30 The Most Relaxing Sounds for Baby Nap Time, Soothing Songs for Trouble Sleeping for Newborn, Nursery Rhythms for Sleep Deeply

Lullabies for children are a good method of making children fall asleep, which has been used by mothers throughout the world for generations. It is difficult to imagine childhood without a melodic lullaby which gently introduces into the realm of sleep, creating a calm and safe ritual of transition from wakefulness to a state of rest.

You can listen to those 30 calming tracks or can get it on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify:

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